Talking pen: A useful learning tool

In recent years, the methods of learning languages have changed drastically. Now, we have more advanced tools that not only simplify learning, but also make learning quicker.

A talking pen is one such tool that can make a great difference in the overall learning process of your child. Also known as a reading pen, a talking pen reads out loud vocabulary, paragraphs and stories in the books that are specifically designed to work with the pen. Also, some talking pens come with a recording feature, allowing users to record their own voices.

As per the responses from parents whose children are using smart pens, children learn languages easily and quickly with the use of reading pens. Around 90% of responders are satisfied with their decision to purchase pens for their children. Here are six benefits of using talking pens:

1. With the help of talking pens, the students who often require reading assistance can learn languages without any outside help. For added privacy, users can use headphones with talking pens. This audio output can also be helpful in learning better pronunciations.

2. Reading pens come with multi-language support. Therefore, ESL learners can easily learn another language with the books that are talking pen enabled.

3. As talking pens have a recording function, your child can use it to provide his/her voice to any toy and game. This accelerates the learning process. It has been proven that children learn best if learning is blended with fun.

4. Talking pens come with all the main advantages of modern learning products. For instance, they are light and portable, simple to use, provide useful functions, are safe and reliable, include downloadable software, and much more.

5. A simple point-and-read method in talking pens makes them easy to adopt. And it is one of the best tools to learn correct pronunciation.

6. With children’s focus on the paper book, which will move their vision from screens of iPad or PC, this would be good for their eyesight protection.

Considering these benefits, it would be a wise decision to include a talking pen in your child’s language learning resources. Talking pens are ideal for English language learners, foreign language learners, learners with special needs, new arrivals from foreign countries, or any student in need of an inclusive resource that develops literacy skills. Learning with the help of the talking pen is enjoyable, interactive, and effective.


  (MPR-1103A Talking Pen)

When it comes to buying talking pens, you should always trust a leading brand such as MPR talking penCutting-edge talking pen(or reading pen) and talking book. A solution provider will also offer the technology to help clients to make bilingual or multilingual  audio books in your choice of language. Don’t wait any more. Give your child this innovative learning tool. You will certainly be surprised to see his/ her progress.


One talking pen to read all MPR publications

As far as we know, there are talking pen brands like Learning Tech, Leapfrog Tag, Pen Pal Whizz, EtutorStar, Emoti , but the problem for them is, their pens can only read limited quantity of books which are published by them. If readers want to read interesting contents at different levels, maybe they didn’t publish books like that , or if you want to read audio books from other publishers, you have to buy another talking pen. One by one, oops! How many talking pens do yo need to buy if it goes on like this?

Technology has changed the situation, Shenzhen MPR Technology Co.,Ltd. has invented new talking pen technology based on MPR technology. Readers can use one talking pen to read all MPR publications around the world. To solve the problem with downloading audio files to the talking pen, MPR Tech built a universal platform — MPR World. Readers only need to connect their pens to the computer and touch read the books, the audio files will be downloaded to the talking pens automatically.

They want to gather excellent contents producers to share their terrific contents on their platform. Hence, the readers will all benefit from such experience.



Why talking pen is irreplaceable for children’s language study?

Talking pen is an interactive learning and reading device which applies the latest optical identification technology and multimedia content link technology. A talking pen or speak pen can read out loud paragraphs, stories and vocabulary in books designed specifically for it.

As Scott and Ytreberg (1999) noticed, toys have an important role in language classroom for children. They can be used in various activities, and they also help to connect the outside world with activities in the classroom.

Talking pen is an auxiliary tool to help children’s language acquisition, its advantage is as below:

  1. The most prominent strength of talking pens is the friendly convenient design. A talking pen and its books are closely related to pen and books, which are traditionally associated with learning and education.
  2. A talking pen and books can provide many activities that are often provided by CD players and computers, but more quickly and convenient, and without any negative effects on eyes like what sitting long before the computer electronic screen can cause.
  3. Talking pens are viewed by parents as comparatively safe for the children, although children’s use of the pen should be cared to some extent, like the use of any other hard long object.
  4. Parents considered the pen as a helpful source of language and knowledge input for children, an interesting toy for children to entertain themselves and play with others in get-togethers. They noticed that smart pens help children acquire language and knowledge gradually, and encourage children’s learning.


Moreover, for MPR talking pen, the pen isn’t bound to one certain book, it can read all the MPR publications which applies MPR technology.

Talking pens are helpful aids to education and are irreplaceable for children’s language study.

MPR technology

MPR technology  includes the following elements:

♦ MPR code

(matrix-form  QR code,it is approximately invisible on the book)

♦MPR coding system and printing

(MPR code embedding software)

♦MPR publication

(printed book with MPR codes in traditional ink printing)

MPR reading device

(optical recognition technology, digital phonetic technology, MPR reading pen)

MPR service platform

(China MPR Registration Centre, MPR World)


MPR anti-counterfeit solution

MPR Technology also provides customized solutions for our customers in various fields according to their needs. User can define MPR code application and track linked content. And it is also ensured that every code used to link content is unique.


Theory of MPR anti-counterfeit technology

Within the MPR System, every MPR code assigned to a certain product is unique in the world. Without affecting printing quality and increasing printing cost, MPR code is printed on a printed material, serving as a unique digital ID card of the product. Then a user uses a dedicated analyzer to resolve the code so as to verify whether the product is counterfeit or not. If it is authentic, the code will be resolved successfully and the content linked by the code will be rendered in the form of audio or video.

Two service systems

MPR code embedding system
MPR application system

Intellectual property

According to  ISLI standard, all ISLI codes are unique in the world. And the MPR anti-counterfeit technology is the application of ISLI in the field of anti-counterfeit. MPR Technology owns the intellectual property rights of the MPR anti-counterfeit technology as well as dozens of invention patents.

Application fields

Anti-counterfeit securities and certificates, hidden storage of information and information access rights control, product identification, information linking and application in some special fields such as military and police.

Sharing from Linkedin: Talking pen technology to identify counterfeit pharma products

In order to protect branded pharma products and to identify original from duplicate products, Shreenath Smart Technologies Pvt Ltd has come up with a simple talking pen technology which can be easily used anywhere using a pen shaped device.

The talking pen technology can be incorporated in Gravure, Flexo and Offset printing technologies. It is the easiest way to identify counterfeit drugs by marketing representatives and consumers.

Talking to Pharmabiz, Shrujal Patel, managing director of Shreenath Smart Technologies Pvt Ltd, said “We have developed a talking pen to identify original from duplicate pharma products. We convert a drug manufacturer’s audio/ text file like ‘This is a genuine product manufactured by our company’ or “This is a genuine or original product” or whatever audio or text file the manufacturer gives us in any language into a printing file format.”

“The drug manufacturers can add portion of our file by cutting any portion of our file and incorporating their design and print on their product, label, PVC card, foil, paper or on any substrate with offset, flexo, or gravure printing technology using black ink. We can also give the manufacturers invisible ink to print. This ink will not glow under UV or any light so this printing will not be seen or copied. They will have to print on any particular part of their product pack,” he said.

He added “We will give the pharmaceutical manufacturers specially encoded  talking pen. When this pen is put over that particular part the pen will speak the coded printing. In this way they can easily detect counterfeit as the pen will not speak on duplicate products.”

Patel said “If the audio print file is printed and someone tries to manually copy the micro dot file and print later on any duplicate/forged product, the pen will still read only the file printed on original product and will not be able to read the counterfeit printing.”

He said “Our printing code file will look like blank when one opens the file. One needs to cut the portion from the file in ratio of 1:1 and incorporate the file in the design. When they increase the file size then they will see the code like small dots.”

The counterfeiting of pharma products has become a threat to pharma companies across the country and world leading to deterioration of health and monetary losses to the people as well as to the units. The talking pen technology based on advanced techniques could prove to be great help to pharma industry in future, he concluded.


Written by  Prabhat Kumar (Sr. Manager Quality Assurance at PAREXEL) and published on Linkedin on Dec 29th,2016

ISLI National Standard officially published in China

ISLI National Standard officially published in China

On August 29th,2016, AQSIQ( General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C) and SAC(Standardization Administration of the P.R.C) officially approved and published ISLI national standard, the standard No. is GB/T 32867-2016, and the national standard would be implemented from the same day.

ISLI is a national standard established in journalism and publishing industry which is based on ISO 17316:2015(ISLI international standard) published by International Standardization Organization(ISO). This is the first time that ISLI international standard has been adopted by a country and put into industry application in the form of national standard, and it’s an important progress of ISLI international standard promotion around the world.

The release of ISLI national standard will be bound to provide precious experience to apply and promote ISLI international standard for ICIA-ISLI RA, so as to enhance the fusion development of international information content industry.

MPR talking book-Audio enabled book

Shenzhen MPR Technology has developed MPR talking book with their own MPR technology. We have developed the tools(MPR Maker) for schools and teachers to make their own audio enabled books. With our current technology, ANY book can easily be adapted to allow audio recordings using the MPR talking pen and recordable stickers.

What is the use of talking pen?



As there are more and more talking books in the market,readers especially children are fond of reading and playing with this educational tool.But what is the real use of talking pen?

When the MPR talking pen is pointed over a book with MPR codes, it activates the pre-loaded audio files, so a reader is also able to hear the text they are reading.

The point-read technology has been developed to elevate the learning experience of readers by focusing on the enormous benefits of listening.

This education tool will  cater to the special needs of the visually challenged population and people suffering from various levels of dyslexia. It will also help in empowering volunteers responsible for public service education or vocational training with technological proficiency.

Speaking about the MPR Talking Pen, Hou Mingliang, managing director of China Children Fun  Press said, ”Apart from its numerous advantages for the students, Multimedia Print Reader(MPR) is beneficial for publishers as any book can be printed in multiple languages using multiple downloadable audio files. Multimedia Print Reader Books will help in combating the serious threat of piracy which publishers are facing today.”

Talking to journalists, he said, this technology gives a human face through voice in the learning process, making it “interactive, interesting and educational”.

He said, the Talking Pen will make story books, poems and rhymes interesting for the young readers, helping in improving the attention span, reading ability and concentration of the dyslexic and visually challenged.

The pen will also help language learning with improved pronunciation by countering regional influences, he said.

The tool will foster a self-learning process, specially in the rural areas, encouraging the students to work independently in the absence of teachers, this would heighten results even in a poor student-teacher ratio, Hou added.

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Learning pen for your little ones

It’s known to all that language acquisition is significant for your little ones.At such period,parents will pay much attention to children’s language study.Here below is sharing from Lina.

After talking with that local mom of a two-year-old, I decided to add more Chinese/bilingual books with CD/VCD/DVD into the bilingual bookstore, so that children and parents can listen to the story narrated in clear Chinese via CDs, or watch the videos, which is often accompanied with animated cartoons, via TV or computer.

One day, when I searched online for Chinese/bilingual books with CD/VCD/DVD, I run into a video showing a Chinese little boy using a specially designed electronic pointer pen to touch pages in a colorful children’s picture book.

When the electronic pointer pen touches the pages, either images or texts, the corresponding Chinese words, phrases, paragraphs, or dialogues are read loudly by the pen in clear mandarin. Sometimes, a song with lovely music comes out of the pen when the pen touches an image. It’s an electronic product that combines functions of touch-reading, translation, playing-over and game.


The electronic pointer pen, referred as reading pen, which is a pen-shaped book reader onto which audio from specific books can be downloaded. The difference, instead of reading English, Reading pen reads Chinese when scanned across compatible paper books.

There are also different product forms to help your little ones in study,MPR talking globe and MPR audio map.

1 2.jpg

Using the latest optical recognition technology to recognize words, Reading pen is an easy and handy tool for children and parents who want to learn Chinese as a second language, or anyone who wants to improve his vocabulary or read more than text books in Chinese and/or English.

Users can use reading pen independently to learn Chinese pronunciation and intonations, recognize individual characters and later develop a sense of full reading. They can take the pen and books anywhere with them and learn on the go.

Reading pen offers an alternative to either traditional audiobooks (e.g. CD, VCD, DVD, MP3 and etc) or live person reading aloud. It helps children learn Chinese on an interactive level, making for a more interesting and enjoyable learning experience.

Here is report about MPR talking pen:

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